Customers' Testimonials

Tino does whatever it takes to get the job done. His attention to detail is impeccable - and he always takes the time to answer any questions I might have, and to find the answers if they aren't already at his fingertips. He is someone I trust to advise me as to the best course of action for my success, not his. On top of all that, his strong work ethic does not take away from his sense of humour and personability. It is always a pleasure to have Tino on my Real Estate Investment team.
~ Margaret P.

I have been a client of Tino's for many years and have nothing but nice words to say about him. He is very customer oriented and makes it a personal goal of his to develop long lasting relationship with his clients. Tino is not a "one and done" broker, he genuinely cares about his client's needs. If you want someone who will take care of you even after the deal is signed, Tino is they guy for you.
~ Dragan B.

Working with Tino was a pleasure. We enjoyed his professionalism, great advice and reliability. Would definitely deal with you Tino and send referrals his way!
~ Greg B.

I definitely had a pleasant experience dealing with Tino. He is highly professional, straight forward and honest. Did not always say what I wanted to hear, but realistic and not over-promising.
~ Natalia T.

My wife and I were absolutely thrilled at the outcome of our dealings with Tino, not only was he thoroughly knowledgeable in the field, he was willing to spend the time and energy needed to ensure we were fully satisfied with our mortgage. The trust that he earned has left us feeling confident that we got, not only the best mortgage available, but the best service possible as well. He answered a lot of questions, and helped us in many aspects of the mortgage.
~ Dragan & Vesna P.

Tino has provided mortgage services to my family and friends for the past 8 years. His devotion, dedication and performance has surpassed every time. His knowledge, experience and professionalism is superb. He is one of those guys that will put his heart and soul to your needs and come out at top at the end.
~ John K.

Tino is a hardworking, honest and reliable person; he's extremely knowledgeable and was able to answer all our questions and concerns, which was comforting as we were first time home buyers. He helped us stay on track and organized throughout the whole process. We would definitely recommend him to others and we look forward to working with him in the future.
~ Amela & Matthew M.

Tino is detail-oriented, precise, courteous, a man of integrity and a pleasure to deal with.
~ Robert C.

Tino impresses me with his professionalism and efficiency. I know him from the days when he used to be the branch manager of a local bank and will continue dealing with him wherever he goes. . It is very important for me to have someone whom I can trust with my mortgage needs and who can help me in a fast and efficient way.
~ Janez R.

Tino is a true professional. He always does what is best for the client. Tino always makes himself available for you and he returns all of his phone calls. When we needed construction financing for our new house Tino had the expertise and contacts to get us the funds and we got a great rate. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any of my friends and family.
~ Steven A.

Tino took care of my needs very efficiently and very patiently, and always followed up.
~ Sanji M.

My family completely trusts Tino. Our mortgage is in his hands and it is one thing less we have to worry about. He is very knowledgeable in his area of expertise and has always been giving us absolutely the best rates available on the market - at the right times! Thank you, Tino! I would, without hesitation, recommend Tino to anyone.
~ Zorica L.

Tino was very informative and helpful which was especially appreciated as we were first-time homebuyers. He guided us through the process, carefully explaining the details and quickly resolved any problems we encountered along the way. He is very reliable, hardworking and professional. We couldn't have done it without him!
~ Amy C. & Kyle A.

Mr. Brelak have always returned our calls and answered emails with questions in supper fast fashion. Numerous times, he found and suggested an excellent mortgage deals and saved us a bundle of money. Tino's high professionalism and super helpful attitude is unwavering in the face of unexpected circumstances. We extend gratitude to Tino for all his help and support. His only problem is... he never sleeps :) Moreover, he is not just a broker, he is a real person and unbelievable human being. We are very fortunate we found him, and we can freely say we are richer for one amazing friend who earned his way into our lives, so much we sometimes feel he's a member of our family. These are not some copy/paste lines, we are real people with real experiences and this should serve as The-Most-Sincere-Recommendation to anyone who's looking to find a new mortgage broker. Thank you for making our life as home owners, at least 10 thousand times easier. We are 100% sure we will never have to search for a new mortgage broker until Tino decides to become an astronaut one day. Trust me, he'd be good at that role too.
~ Sasha and Mariana Z.

To have Tino as my mortgage broker helped me greatly in my first home purchase. Being self-employed and having unique circumstances, Tino's professionalism, knowledge, integrity and creative problem solving helped me in securing the right mortgage for me.
~ Zoubin Z.

Working with Tino to find a mortgage was a pleasant experience. He is knowledgeable, trustworthy and accessible. Tino was clear in explaining the process and provided sound advice in order for me to make decisions without making anything feel rushed. From our first interaction I knew I could depend on Tino to find me the right mortgage with a great rate, and he delivered on his promise to continue working until we found the best rate on the market. It was also very convenient for me to be able to conduct all of the business over phone and e-mail, even outside of normal business hours.
~ Milos J.

As a first time home buyer, I was uneducated about the whole process. Tino Brelak helped and guided me through step-by-step and got me the mortgage that was best suited for my needs. I can honestly say that without Tino, I would have never been able to purchase my first home.
~ Suke S.

One morning I woke up with a feeling - time to buy my very first place... My friend suggested to meet up with Tino who helped him to get his house. So we set up a meeting where he explained all the details that I needed to know about our first steps. Of course, my dream was bigger than my wallet, so I had to work on it. After a couple of months, I finally called him and he went over the whole thing again. Tino gave me so much attention like I was a VIP client, but I was just planning to buy a lower end condominium. Well, everything turned out great and in a few months my family could enjoy our new home. Thank you Tino for all your help! I definitely will recommend him to anyone who is looking to by their dream home.
~ Erika & Otto D.

We have used Tino's services to setup a secured line of credit. He has made us aware of all the set-up costs, and made several products available to us so we had the opportunity to pick the one that was the best fit for our needs. As I have done a lot of research on this product myself, I knew that what Tino was looking after our own best interest when advising us what to do. I would definitely recommend Tino's services and rank him high on the busy Toronto mortgage market.
~ Dragan & Vesna P.

Getting financing in order proved to be challenging for a self-employed individual such as myself. But thanks to Tino's dedication, diligence and unfailing patience, it was the most seamless part of my purchase. Being a first time buyer, I had a mountain of questions and he always provided concise yet speedy answers. Even when the questions were repeated, Tino remained professional, polite and patient. It was a pleasure working with him and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a mortgage broker.
~ Brunhilda B.

We have worked closely with Tino for many years and have relied solely on his expertise to gain funding for all of our endeavors. We have found Tino to be extremely knowledgeable in his field; he is a great communicator, very professional, thoughtful and diligent. Obtaining a mortgage can be an emotionally difficult process and Tino has been there every single time to help us through it.
~ Nick & Katherine M.

We moved to Toronto from Europe last year, when my husband got a teaching position at a leading Canadian university. We knew nothing about mortgages in Canada, and being non-residents made things even more complicated.
Tino was professional, knowledgeable, and made us trust him right from the beginning, making our purchase enjoyable and anxiety-free. He always returned our calls and answered all of our questions. He helped us gather all the required paperwork, and found the best mortgage rate in very short period of time. Comparing his service with the service we were given by our bank, I would definitely choose Tino again and again. We now feel we have an expert friend who will continue advising us on our mortgage whenever needed.
~ Elina & Kostis D.

Tino is honest, available and through. He's truly on your side. Tino's professionalism is perfectly balanced with his approachable personality.
~ Wayne W & Darinka D.

Often when I need to sign some documents, I feel kind of uncomfortable since I can only hope that person on the other side of the table is honest. Most of us cannot fully understand legal language written in small letters above dotted line.
First time I felt "banking can be comfortable", I felt confident that agreement is done in best of my interest thanks to Tino and associates. Thanks.
~ Dario S.

Working with Tino is an absolute pleasure. His detailed and caring approach to the whole process really made us feel comfortable and confident. No question goes unanswered and he makes sure that you are informed on all aspects of the process. His guidance made a complicated and tedious process feel easy. We would recommend him to anyone especially first time buyers.
~ Beatriz & Dragan G.

The process of purchasing a first home can be very stressful. As I was purchasing a type of property that is not as common (a co-op) I had some concerns about the process going smoothly. Tino took care of the whole process and explained each step along the way in great detail. I immediately felt taken care of and knew that Tino was the right person to get me a great rate and initialize my mortgage. Tino is a professional to the extent of the word. His patience was sincerely appreciated, especially with all of my questions! Thank you, Tino, for your excellent work, for making me feel at ease and for obtaining the best possible rate for my mortgage!
~ Milesa C.

Your professionalism, product knowledge, understanding our needs, gave us a piece of mind. Thank you for all your help.
~ Allan G.

Before talking to Tino, we weren't sure whether we would be able to buy a new place and still keep our existing condo. Tino configured a solution that allowed us to take the equity from our existing condo and use it as a down payment for our new home. We got to keep both properties. The rental income covers the mortgage and condo fees. He even went above and beyond his role when we run into some misunderstanding regarding our closing date, by answering questions and explaining things that were not his responsibilities. Tino definitely knows what he's doing...
~ Marianna & Stephen D.


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